GPS fleet tracking is an essential tool for any business with vehicles. Yet, only about 30% of fleets in North America are currently using GPS tracking technology. Now is your opportunity to take a step ahead and adopt this technology, because sooner or later, everyone will.

Improved productivity is one of the biggest benefits to be gained from our fleet tracking solution.

Benefits of a More Productive Fleet

  • You reach more customers in a day.
  • More efficient fuel use.
  • Less downtime & overtime.
  • Prevent unscheduled stops, detours, or off-hours use.
  • Safer, more conservative driving habits.
  • Less vehicle wear & tear/maintenance costs.

This of course, saves you money, betters your customer service, and ultimately, improves your bottom line.

How You Create a More Productive Fleet

The reports and data offered to you through the fleet management software include an abundance of insights you can work off of to make your fleet more productive. As an owner or manager, it’s your job to take action based on these insights.

  • Better plan, organize, and alter routes on the go to be as efficient as possible.
  • Communicate with your drivers to assist them for more successful operations.
  • Be notified of, and prevent, unassigned stops, detours, or off-hours use.
  • Improve driving habits through alerts (beeps) to the driver when thresholds are passed.
  • And provide on-the-spot feedback to a driver yourself for unwanted behaviour.
  • Or review employee performance reports together at a later date.
  • Monitor drivers’ time-per-stops to see how long it takes them to perform a service.
  • Know which employees are performing best so you can reward and motivate them further.
  • Know which employees are performing poorly so you can take corrective action.
  • More efficient workflows mean there’s less of a need for overtime hours.

The Maids International – Saving on Labor Costs

In this interview, Russ Salo meets with the The Maids Ottawa franchise owner, Paul St. Jean, to talk about how they are currently using our GPS fleet tracking technology and how it is improving their business.

Ultimately, it has been a main factor in helping them reduce travel time between jobs and reducing overall labor costs by 7-10%.

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